Online Device Inferram #171
X O 149 Habitat
Element unknown

Favorite Food
Rarity Location
Legendary unknown
A mythical creature that is said to have appeared from the depths of the most hostile Volcano. So powerful that the Ancients united together to banish it from Terrarium.
Inferram does not evolve futher.


Lv. 1 Per Lv. Lv. 100
HP 62 3 384
Melee Attack 65 4 492
Melee Defense 63 3 385
Range Attack 67 3 389
Range Defense 62 4 489
Speed 64 3 386
Agility 64 3 386

  • Stats are based on the Device version so those stats may not perfect in Online version, but may shares propensity of stats(like stats showcase in TerraPedia in Online version) with each other.

Available MovesEdit

Lvl Name Element Style PP Power Energy Cost Effect
1 Tackle Normal Melee 25 45 Unknown None
3 Scorch Fire Ranged 25 45 Low Ranged Attack(+15%)
7 Deceive Normal Other 100 0 No Energy Melee & Ranged Defense(-20%)
10 Meditate Normal Other 15 0 Medium Melee Attack, Melee & Ranged Defense, Accuracy(+20%), Speed(+80%)
15 Sear Fire Melee 25 50 Medium Burn(15%)
19 Burn Fire Melee 15 55 Medium Burn(10%)
23 Fireball Fire Ranged 15 60 Medium Melee & Ranged Defense(-5%)
27 Incinerate Fire Melee 15 60 Medium Burn(15%)
30 Blaze Fire Ranged 15 65 Medium None
34 Fire Pillar Fire Ranged 15 65 Medium Burn(20%)
39 Lava Surge Fire Ranged 15 70 Medium Burn(40%)
43 Inferno Fire Melee 16 80 Medium Melee Attack(+20%)
46 Heat Wave Fire Ranged 15 80 Medium Melee & Ranged Defense(-10%), Sleep(10%)
50 Flame Thrower Fire Ranged 10 90 High Ranged Attack(+20%), Burn(50%)
54 Obliterate Normal Melee 10 85 High None



  • After you get the quest 'Put Out The Fire', you go to the docks, which are filled with smoke. Upon entering the smoke, a dialog appears which says "This is your last chance to go away and stay away, I can make your life very difficult" after which an Inferram at level 100 appears. You cannot flee and you are forced to lose the battle. Afterwards, another text bubble will pop up, this one saying "BURN IT, Burn it all!! This is perfect, we can put all the blame on [PLAYER]!". After the text bubble, you are teleported to the nearest 'Villager Elder' which says "The fire you have caused has destroyed all the crops of this reigon! What have you got to say for yourself!? ...." "An inferram!?! Stop insulting us with your lies. There is no such thing as the Terra Monster you have described." "There is only one course of action we can take. You are banished from this Island. You will never be allowed to step foot here again. Be gone!". You are then prompted to buy the full version of the game. If you dont buy the full game and then talk to Edward, he says "I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble. I feel responsible for you being banished.". Also, according the the battle chat, the 'Village Elder' owns the inferram.