Online Device Oaklore #106
O O Oaklore Habitat
Element Verdane Woods
Favorite Food
Earth Cupcakes
Rarity Location
Uncommon Evolve Sapress
The dark and mysterious Oaklore is said to know every tale and story ever told by campside.
Oaklore evolves from Sapress.
> Oaklore


Lv. 1 Per Lv. Lv. 100
HP 50 3 370
Melee Attack 42 3 362
Melee Defense 60 3 381
Range Attack 25 3 343
Range Defense 45 3 365
Speed 5 3 321
Agility 5 3 321

  • Stats are based on the Device version so those stats may not perfect in Online version, but may shares propensity of stats(like stats showcase in TerraPedia in Online version) with each other.

Available MovesEdit

Lvl Name Element Style PP Power Energy Cost Effect
15 Entangle Earth Melee 15 50 Medium Melee & Ranged Attack, Melee Defense(-5%), Speed(-20%)
20 Haunt Arcane Ranged 15 20 Medium Hits 2-3 times
28 Overgrowth Earth Melee 15 60 Medium Melee Defense(-10%)
32 Forces of Nature Earth Melee 15 65 Medium Speed(-10%)
40 Rock Smash Earth Ranged 15 75 Medium Flinch(15%)
42 Shadow Strike Arcane Melee 10 70 High Speed(+100%)
45 Meditate Normal Other 15 0 Medium Melee Attack, Melee & Ranged Defense, Accuracy(+20%), Speed(+80%)


  • Rumor has it that a monster called FableMaple that evolved from Oaklore but BlueOmega, a devoloper, says that is not true. Oaklore will never evolve. (This picture was made by MeklordArmoredDragon) Only a handful of people have seen Fablemaple. Our own admins, EarthSensei and 123wat, are part of those few.
  • Oaklore was designed by Moonshaft which were confirmed by himself.