Online Device Robonax #N/A
O X RoboNax Habitat
Element Garages
Favorite Food
Rarity Location
Unknown PATMA HQ(Rare Monster) in Online version
Robonax was created by PATMA, modelled on Sonax, it shares many of its characteristics.
Robonax does not evolve futher.


HP 1
Attack 1
Defense 2
Rng Attack 2
Speed 4
Agility 4
  • These stats are based upon Online version.
Lv. 1 Per Lv. Lv. 100
HP unknown unknown unknown
Melee Attack unknown unknown unknown
Melee Defense unknown unknown unknown
Range Attack unknown unknown unknown
Range Defense unknown unknown unknown
Speed unknown unknown unknown
Agility unknown unknown unknown

  • Stats are based on the Device version so those stats may not perfect in Online version, but may shares propensity of stats(like stats showcase in TerraPedia in Online version) with each other.

Available MovesEdit

Lvl Name Element Style PP Power Energy Cost Effect
1 Draining Venom Earth Ranged 15 50 Medium Sleep(5%), Poison(10%)
1 Leech Earth Melee 15 40 Unknown None
1 Plunge Air Melee 20 45 Low None
1 Bite Normal Melee 25 55 Low Flinch(25%)
4 Discharge Electric Other 15 0 Medium Ranged Attack(+25%), Speed(+50%)
18 Sonar Strike Air Ranged 15 55 Medium Confuse(20%)
21 Shriek Arcane Ranged 20 40 Low Melee Defense(-10%), Paralyze(15%)
25 Dirt Attack Normal Other 15 0 Medium Accuracy(-10%)
28 Airstrike Air Melee 15 60 Medium None
30 Swift Strike Normal Melee 15 60 Medium Speed(+15%)
32 Buzz Electric Ranged 15 50 Medium Paralyze(10%)
35 Terrify Arcane Ranged 15 55 Medium Paralyze(20%)
38 Jet Stream Air Ranged 15 70 Medium Flinch(15%)


  • The first three people to catch Robonax were given 100 Terra Dollars. On Kongregate, those three were Gadzooks3, EarthSensei and TyrannoGamer in their respective places. Unknown to who the other winners were on other sites.