Online Device Skelemare #N/A
O X 147 Habitat
Element The Depth of Hell

Favorite Food
Rarity Location
Unknown Monster Shop
Rumours has it that Skelemare is the terra monster "Shadowmare" in a costume celeberating halloween. It has the same strenght and abillities of shadowmare.
Skelemare does not evolve futher.


HP 4
Attack 4
Defense 4
Rng Attack 4
Speed 2
Agility 4
  • These stats are based upon Online version.
Lv. 1 Per Lv. Lv. 100
HP unknown unknown unknown
Melee Attack unknown unknown unknown
Melee Defense unknown unknown unknown
Range Attack unknown unknown unknown
Range Defense unknown unknown unknown
Speed unknown unknown unknown
Agility unknown unknown unknown

  • Stats are based on the Device version so those stats may not perfect in Online version, but may shares propensity of stats(like stats showcase in TerraPedia in Online version) with each other.

Available MovesEdit

Lvl Name Element Style PP Power Energy Cost Effect
1 Scratch Normal Melee 25 45 Low Flinch(5%)
5 Haunt Arcane Ranged 15 20 Medium Hits 2-3 times
5 Focus Normal Other 100 0 No Energy Ranged Attack(+15%)
15 Flex Normal Other 100 0 No Energy Melee Attack(+15%)
20 Mud-sling Earth Ranged 20 43 Low Accuracy(-10%), Confuse(5%)
22 Trample Earth Melee 20 55 Low None
25 Psyfist Arcane Ranged 20 50 Low Ranged Attack(-10%)
32 Pressure Arcane Other 100 0 No Energy Melee Defense(+15%), Accuracy(-10%)
35 Impale Normal Melee 15 65 Medium Paralyze(25%)
38 Scorch Fire Ranged 25 45 Low Ranged Attack(+15%)
42 Shadow Strike Arcane Melee 10 70 High Speed(+100%)
46 The Void Arcane Ranged 10 85 Unknown None
51 Lava Surge Fire Ranged 15 70 Medium Burn(40%)
55 Flame Thrower Fire Ranged 10 90 High Ranged Attack(+20%), Burn(50%)
60 Self Defense Normal Other 100 0 No Energy Melee & Ranged Defense(+40%)
68 Vortex Arcane Ranged 10 90 High None